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CamoLens is the solution for the best lens quality. You are able to find this feature here at Shop Optical Academy or at Optistyles.

camolens feature

Product Features


What is CamoLens?

This exclusive feature is a patent lens edge coating made to provide the best eyewear possible!
We are able to match every frame color and use “camopens” to apply the coating around the lenses’ edges.
This feature eliminates white rings that are naturally present around normal lenses, enhances your frames, and overall conceals edges to create a crystal clear lens.

What are the benefits of CamoLens?

Solves defects in premium lenses.
Conceals edges in POLARIZED sun lenses
Conceals edges in HIGH-INDEX  lens materials.
Conceals the edge reflection in AR-coated lenses.
Makes TRANSITION and PHOTOCHROMATIC lenses activate faster.
Conceals imperfections from damaged frames.
Benefits of camolens

How to add our Exclusive feature to your eyewear

When you are customizing and choosing options for your desired frames, check the CamoLens box to add a patent lens edge coating to your eyewear.

How to add our CamoLens Feature