How to choose glasses for your face shape

Depending on your face shape, the style of the frame can complement your look. There are multiple face shapes and multiple frame styles, in this guide we are going to cover the different types of face shapes and what frame styles pair with them.

Types of face shapes

The most common face type and a category you might fall under are square, oval, diamond, heart, or round. By looking at your facial features, you can find out which one matches your face shape. We also listed below different face shape features so you can determine which one you fall under.

What glasses suit a square face shape?

Square faces usually have proportional sharp features. They often have a bold, angular, and sharp from the forehead to the jaw. 

Many different types of frame shapes suit a square face. For a square-shaped face, it’s recommended to use the opposite shape like round or oval-shaped frames. These round/oval-shaped frames will soften your sharp features to add balance.

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square face shape

What glasses suit an oval face shape?

An oval face shape has proportional soft features. It has a narrow forehead, chin, and a curving jawline.

Since an oval face shape has balanced and proportional soft features. It’s best to use square frames to add contrast to your face.

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oval face shape

What glasses suit a diamond face shape?

A diamond face shape has a narrow forehead and jaw, while the cheeks are fuller. Giving a wider midsection. It gives off an angular look.

A good frame style would be an oval shape or cat-eye frame. This gives a softer proportional feature since the frame is contrasting to the face shape. 

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diamond face shape

What glasses suit a heart face shape?

A heart face shape has a wide area in the brows while being narrow at the chin. The cheekbones give off a wide look but the face narrows down towards the jaw. 

A good frame style would be an oval shape frame. Like the diamond face shape oval frames give a softer proportional feature.

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