How to Prevent Foggy Glasses

Due to wearing masks or just overall fogging on your glasses can get annoying. Here are ways to prevent foggy glasses.

Wash the lens with soapy water

When cleaning your glasses with soapy water, it leaves a thin film that reduces inherent surface tension. Using this method should prevent your glasses from fogging up according to this study.

Adjusting your glasses

Adjust your glasses using the nose pads so that the frames sit further from your face. 

Consider Contact Lenses

Using contact lenses has multiple benefits and one of them is not having foggy glasses interfering with your day-to-day.

Use a solution

Use our fog-free lens cleaner, it’s made to prevent foggy glasses.

Preventing Foggy Glasses

Anti-Fog home remedy for all of our four-eyed friends during this mask takeover! #eyeglasses #mask #optistyles.

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how to prevent foggy glasses

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